The Premium Hair Masking Technique with Advanced Tools

Can channels or advanced hair selections help in managing unruly hair? Knowing right method of hair masking is an important skill for any editor. He can become a premium hair-masking technician with knowledge of advanced tools.
There are many touchy skills that a photo processing editor must possess to be a master of his craft. One is to know extraction method. It is done with selection and for any editor the end result will determine if he knows his craft well. If he is not able to extract the stuff, the imperfection will not be able to support the other montage it is being done for. Take for example a racecourse where a shot of horse in motion has been captured. The picture of the majestic animal can become the talk of the town only if the flying mane and bushy tail does not look out of place or unruly. The premium hair masking technique with advanced tools can be the best solution. With the new software tools the extraction is much easier and hair removal can be a better process. The rest of the elements, which may prove to be frail and important to the main artwork, can be left untouched. Just like human hair is a tad difficult to be masked so is the case with any animal’s fur coat. It could be a picture of a horse racing towards its final line at the derby or a dachshund playing Frisbee in the park, or a Cocker Spaniel being splashed with water. Each has the same problem. How can the fuzzy strands be stopped from flying in different directions and spoiling the look of the picture? While it is easier to control human beings being shot, the same cannot be said about animals that have a mood of their own.

Gets a Grip of Advanced Image Masking Technique

Every editor is likely to face the prospect of removing one part of any element of a photo and add something else with the help of mask or layers. In their own interest they should quickly adapt and get a grip on the technique.
When it comes to image masking there are various methods and tools in Photoshop. The pen tool is one of the best when it comes to masking. When this technique is required some amount of clipping around the photograph will also be required. The clipping is done to isolate the subject form the undesired background. If the background is white then it is little tricky but nevertheless the skill of the editor is tested with the pen tool. While the lasso tool can zero basic elements, the better edges can be got only with the pen tool. This works best when the editor needs to clip out the products when they are shot against solid backgrounds. Even subjects that lack contract with respect to the background can be masked. The next step is to master the layer masking that defines the expertise of any editor. This is another remarkable tool that is better than the eraser. An eraser can remove things but cannot bring them back. Hence it can prove to be a setback. But the layer mask can be conveniently removed and replaced if the preview is bad.