Mask an Image for Spicing a Graphic Design

Illusions are challenging and they provide photos and graphics with intriguing prospects. This aspect can be realized with masking an image. It is a wonderful way to add spice to things all nice in a photo or graphic design.

The best way to mask an image is to manipulate the contents with effects like text or add depth with 3 D illusion. There are other ways in multimedia to derive spicy pictures. Dynamic graphics have now become the key mantra to good illustrations. And illusions to create a major impact on the mind of the viewers. Getting a good mask is like sharpening a skill and it comes with practice. And to do it, editors will first take a profile view of the pictures to be edited. The first step is to do color correction before the actual masking. This will ensure that the layers that the added will not alter the texture of the frame. If this step is skipped then the picture will not appear sharp finally. Sharpening is also done because sometimes the pictures are out of focus when taken in a hurry.