New Trends of Image Masking

Image masking is age-old technique in image editing software. But the fact is how it managed to survive in spite of tremendous growth in digital image manipulations? The answer is designers kept updating the usage of image masking.

One of the many uses of image masking is removing an object from the photo. Now, this process starts by using the quick select tool. Advanced versions of Photoshop are user friendly and help them identifying the object borders intelligently. Refine edge feature will work next in extracting the object. Click on “on black” to make the background black and thereby identifying the error spots in the selection. The brush option in Refine Edge is actually not to draw anything. It can be used against harsh borders of the selected object. The intelligence of the feature will soften the edges with the appropriate colors. There are few more options like smooth, further, shift edges which can be used with slider to make desired changes in the borders of the image. Now select the object and cut it. Place it in the background where it actually deserves to stay.