All about Masking in the Photo world

Photographing nowadays has passed the level of using ordinary digital camera. There is much software with which images can be manipulated to give them a wonderful look. With increasing demand for high quality pictures, there are a number of photo enhancement techniques which can be applied to make pictures wonderful and sweet.
One of such photo techniques is image masking. Photo masking techniques allows you to isolate a part of an image from the rest without showing the edges. With image masking you can eliminate objects that you don’t want to print from the rest of the photo. This gives you the power to select a part of your picture that you will like to print.
Image masking is one the most difficult photo enhancement techniques. Extracting an object from the rest of the picture is time consuming and not as simple as it sounds. It can only be handled perfectly by a well trained desktop publishing expert. Besides being complex and difficult, image masking is time consuming. For a perfect masking to be done one has to devote a whole lot of time to it. It is not a work to be rushed. When compared with clipping path, is image masking is not as fast as clipping path.
One of the things that differentiate image masking from clipping path is that it is not possible to save images as clipped ones. This means that the path or edges of masked images cannot be saved while in clipping path images are saved with the path.
Images masking is done with such techniques or tools like layer mask. This will ensure that the resulting photo will have smooth edges. This is unlike clipping path where pen tool is used with the resulting output having hard edges.
Image Masking is one photo enhancement techniques that is very complex. Changes are not easily made. It is not as flexible as other photo enhancement techniques like clipping path. Image masking techniques does not support all formats. The only format that it supports are .tiff and .psd. This is why image masking can be difficult and time consuming unlike other photo enhancement techniques.
However, the good time about image masking is that the output size is always big when compared with that of clipping path. One of the aspects of image masking that gives it an edge over all the other photo treatment techniques is that with it complex hair structure which is one of the most difficult aspects of photo treatment can be extracted. With imaging masking techniques masked complex hair structures have natural effects. Besides, hair styles can be fixed quickly with photo masking.
With improvement in photo enhancement equipments, there is a remarkable improvement in image masking techniques. With modern photo equipment it is becoming less complicated and less time consuming to mask an object unlike before.

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