Photoshop Hair Masking - Getting to the Root of the Problem!

Many shampoo companies are in great business. They advertise superb pictures that show how the hair can be made glossy, shiny and strong. But the truth is only a few men and women have such hair naturally. The hair masking of pictures makes them more voluble.

Glossy hair is always a treat to the naked eyes. But the pictures of some hair ads make the m look so beautiful that every woman crave to have such tresses. Such pictures are an inevitable produce of refined Photoshop hair masking that is done by editing studios. It is a professional job that takes times. The latest version of CS 5+ in Photoshop has some good hair selection techniques. Getting past the hurdle of grabbing the unruly bunch of tresses is not longer tricky. With some experience it can tackle the root of the problem. Photoshop has just added the refine mask feature as a latest in the series of innovative tests in their labs. The editors have got positive results using this feature. It is relatively easier to handle straight-laced hair for selection. But often models having frizzy hair pose a problem. Women like to pose in gay abandon with hair flying away. While it may be de-stressing to let their hair down, the editor who has to chop or snip the pictures are at unease. But now the refine selection needs the least bit of effort to get the job done.