Tips for Transparent Background of Hair Images with Selections

Changing backgrounds is common for any editor. Although it increases the visual quotient of the image, it can be a problem if there is hair flying out. Getting the original touch is difficult. But the selection process makes it easy for a transparent canvas.

Often there is a need to blend tow photographs. Which is really no big deal for any expert editor, but the challenge comes with the composition requires removing hair strands. The other risk also involves the transparent background. Easy tips for transparent background of hair images with selections, any editor can do a better job. The selection technique is useful for a lot of other work including messy hair. Photoshop has the great refine edge tool in CS5 version. It gives a fillip start to the edit without any small steps. A good selection is important and it helps in fitting the subject into the brand new background.

In the first place why do some hair stick out? Maybe the person has forgotten to comb the hair before the shoot. It is a candid shot and needs to be edited. The hairstyle is not suitable and needs trimming. It come sin the way of clothes neck and forehead ‘just at the very moment the snap has to be clicked’. Of course there are other reasons too depending on the subject of the snap. If it is not a person, then it is a hairy animal that has not been shampooed before shooting! Or it is a Pom that naturally has hair all over, or it is a grizzly bear…. Now you need not grin and bear it! Use the quick selection tool to edit it all out. First the overall selection is important. There is also no point in selecting individual hair strands either. Once selection is done, begin work with the refine edge tool.  A useful tip here would be to check the color of the hair. If the hair is white then select a darker background to work. If it is black then use a white canvas instead. Check the view mode to preview the edit so far. Use shortcut keys as it is quicker to edit with them rather than toggling the menu often.

Its now time to use the smart radius with the edge detection. It starts to take the hair out. Adjust the edges and keep refining the selection. The refine radius tool should be used to remove any other traces of unruly strands. Use the brush to remove some of them around the areas selected.

Masking is the next step to get the transparent background. Now if the new image is ready with the background where the person can now be placed it is time to export it. If the new background blends with the color scheme it is bound to look natural. Using the right set of brushes to make the transparent backdrop is necessary.  A transparent background is essential to work on hairy photos. When it is put into new images it adds to the value of the original with the new composition. Yes the editor may have to do some experiments to get the right tips for transparent background of hair images with selections. It is not easy. But once learn it can produce amazing results.

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