Hair Masking Service - Chop Online and Style the Tresses

Hair masking is a process in which flyaway hair are removed from a photograph. This is done in order to fix the look of the hair with the overall look. In simpler words, hair masking is to chop hair online and style it.

Most editors around the world will agree upon the fact that hair-masking service is undoubtedly one of toughest processes. However, if taken up as a challenge, this process can increase the value of the professional in the market. To master the art of hair masking successfully, a basic designer has to show tremendous amount of patience. A professional editor will not using clipping path for extracting hair from an image. Wild hair results, when photos are taken in breezy weather, when suddenly a shaft of air blows, which happens in cases of models posing for photographers in studios. At times flurry, bushy dogs and hairy cats also pose a problem. With hair standing in various directions the visual appeal is marred.

While offering hair masking service, a certain process might work great on a particular image, but not have the same impact on some other image. When photos come on the editing table, a strategy has to be devised to make the hair look smarter.

Role of Hair Masking Service

This precious technique is used in various facial/print photography shots. For example – An editor will not have time to spend long hours on styling each strand of hair of a professional model. Usually, hair masking is required the most when it comes to working on model images clicked outdoors. Images that are clicked outdoors have a lot of impact of the breeze/wind blowing during the shoot. There is not much a photographer can do to prevent the hair of the model from moving when natural wind is blowing.

In this case, the photographer decides to get rid of the unwanted hair during the postproduction process where elegance can be achieved. Ideally, a photo editor should not panic looking at an image with hair flying in almost every corner of the frame. Being a professional hair masking service provider, one should have a sharp eye when it comes to the detailing of hair analysis. Layer adjustment and channel selection are two of the best ways of hair masking.
Hair Masking Tips

The first thing a photo editor should understand is that each image has its own character and purpose. Hence, a certain tip might not work well in case of all the images. Ideally, an editor should be mentally prepared to experiment on an image until the right result is achieved.

As far as possible, a photo editor should make use of the color blue. It offers visual clarity to the image, hence making it easier to work on the hair. The next step is to duplicate layers. An ideal layer mask should be added to the particular image. There might be portions that would not blend with the rest of the background. In this case, the editor should make use of feathered brush. A good hair masking service provider would be able to spot a halo around the image. This halo could easily be removed with the use of bum tool.

The process becomes slightly easier when it comes to straight hair. However, in case of curly hair, an editor would have to put in extra efforts to get the masking right and increase the style quotient of the picture.

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