Hair Masking Service - Every Strand has a Story to Tell

Each and every pixel in a picture portrays the image. Likewise each and every strands of hair tell the story of the picture. The hair masking service is a challenge for many editors.

Advancement in digital photography technology has impacted in every one’s life, tremendously. A good photographer is the one who updates his equipment and the knowledge. Hence there is an immense drive towards the hardware and software technology to improve editing services. Each service has its uniqueness.

The user has to have the correct knowledge about the software and its tools associated with it. Each tool performs its functions optimally. Only an experienced professional knows the easiness and difficulties associated with each tools.  And has the capabilities to produce images that are outstanding in its class.  

One such difficult tool is the Photoshop hair masking tool. It produces images with super clear detail of each strands of hair. Long time graphic designers go through the pain of extracting the image detail from the picture. The other masking tools won’t even select the regions for extraction. Thus making it a difficult process.

Each minute detail in the picture is so vital. That in-turn adds zing to the picture. These tools help the user to extract or mask the selected region of details.

Photoshop hair masking tool can be used along with other tools to form different layers of images. It helps the user to select/extract thin frisky hair details against mono/block colored background.

Either a background remove tool can be used to develop a mask layer or otherwise, the channel-masking tool is used to for layering. This is acquired by varying the intensity of primary colors in the photo. The user can select the object in the picture and make a layer mask representing the selection. The mask could be placed on a new background filled with a mono/block colored background. This helps the user to see only the selected image subjects and its features. Using the fine edge tool, the user can trace the fine edges that may have missed showing up in the selected object. It should be saved separately as new layer.

Refine radius tool is used to get the sharper super fine details of the picture. Here tracing is done all over and around the selected subject hairstyle. To get the super fine hairstyle details that are caused due to swaying/blown off hair by the air in the picture that we might have missed during masking.

Once the subject’s frisky hairstyle is completely selected without leaving any of the background color to be present / seen near the whips of the hair. The selected image is saved as a new layer. The user can then enhance the image by other option like the smoothing, coloring, and contrast and saturation.

Sometimes a brighter line may found along the edges of the image, in the place where the user used edge detection. If so present, they may be removed by darkening the image edges. Using the burn tool, these bright edges along the image can be removed completely.  Thus a challenge can be successful. Each hair story is different and every editor is ready to use his creative energy to solve the problems by combining the right use of techniques.

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